Shamanic Healing is a series of practices and techniques which help you get into balance.

Healing is different from curing – your bodily state may not change. But you can learn how to value yourself and follow a path of beauty – the way of the heart.

Our physical bodies are surrounded by a luminous energy field, a blueprint which holds all the marks from our life stories. Often these are no longer needed and may even have become toxic. They can be replaced with clean healthy energies.

Shamanic Healing works directly at a level that most other therapies don’t reach. This is because the shaman intervenes at the energetic layer, and maps it back to you on the symbolic or mythic plane.

So the work is done at the level of spirit, and the information is passed to you via storytelling, vision journeys, oracles, rites, ceremonies, songs or sacred dramas. Some of these are told to you by the shaman, but you also directly create your own healing and learning experiences by way of vision quests, sand paintings, dreams, drumming, rattling, mask-making, altars, despachos, fire ceremonies and many other pathways.

Shamanic work is –

  • experiential – you believe only what you yourself have experienced
  • inclusive – it sits with any religious beliefs or with none
  • straightforward – above all else it is intent that matters
  • benign – everything is always done for your highest good
  • safe – a sacred space is created to protect you
  • discreet – what happens in the room stays in the room
  • enduring – the effects will stay with you, if you continue to work with themĀ 

The Q’ero – Shamans from the mountains of Peru – work closely with four powerful Archetypes: Serpent, Jaguar, Humming Bird and Condor-Eagle –

  • Serpent helps you to throw off your past the way she sheds her skins.
  • Jaguar shows you how to stalk your destiny the way she hunts her prey.
  • Humming Bird teaches you endurance and how to suck the sweetness of life from the Universe.
  • Condor-Eagle takes you on his back and shows you the mountains you only dare to dream of.

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