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This is a quick view of an Illumination Process with Vision Journey by way of remote healing.

You need to be somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed and where you can lie down.

At the time of the appointment I contact you by WhatsApp or similar online method.

We start with a video call.

You identify the issue or blockage in your life that you want to work with. You can tell me what this is if you want to, but there is no need to do so.

I create sacred space in both our locations by calling in the Directions.

I have a drawing of a body with the chakras marked on it, and I work on this as if it was your body.

I open the “vera cocha”, or energy source, over us both.

Using a pendulum, I dowse to see which of your chakras are out of balance. I use a rattle to open up the lowest of these unbalanced chakras and I place your stone on top of it.

I put my hands under your head and support your skull. You take three deep breaths and begin to relax. Many people go into a light healing sleep.

That first part of the treatment usually takes about half an hour.

At that point I will break off the video call and continue working with you offline.

The heavy energies are drawn out into the stone. The Q’ero, the Inka medicine men and women, say that these are eaten up by Jaguar.

Meanwhile I have a Vision Journey for you. This is a kind of waking dream in which I accompany your dream self to find help with your issue. Generally we meet a Power Animal who tells me how to help you.

Once the Vision Journey is over, I write it down.

Then I remove any remaining heavy energies, take off the stone, draw in Illumination, close the chakra and re-dowse.

That second part of the treatment usually takes about half an hour.

I call you back by way of a WhatsApp audio call and tell you about the Vision Journey.

You give me feedback on what was happening for you.

I read to you about the Power Animal. We discuss any trigger words or phrases which have significance for you.

Together we look at how this can help you for the future.

This third part of the treatment usually takes about half an hour, so the whole session lasts for an hour and a half.

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