Wind of North


Individual Treatments:

“When I met Amanda for my first session I was looking to close the chapters to my past and move forward afresh.

To my surprise I got so much more! Amanda is one of the few Practitioners I have met, who can hold my space in a loving and totally non invasive way.

It felt like receiving a spiritual MOT allowing me to reconnect with my chosen destiny as well as bring home a long lost part of my true self.

During our sessions we flowed together with spirit streamlining my path ahead. Thank you, Amanda, for your Wisdom and passionate service to healing. I know what I need to do now.”


“I could feel the negative stuff flowing out of me during the treatment. Afterwards I felt that a deep shift had taken place.”


“I feel relaxed, very different and much better. Thank you.”


“I got a huge amount out of the treatments. The illumination had an immediate positive effect on my well being. I feel a sense of peace that I have not had for some time. Throughout the treatments I felt supported, respected and nurtured. Thank you for the noble way in which you carried out the treatments.”


“Had a great session with AMANDA this week where I learnt how l am associated with the black bear! Some other things that I don’t understand yet but I trust her to guide me well….”


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Seeds of Change Workshops with Christianne Hythe-Cronin:

“I was intrigued about the Seeds of Change, Shamanic Healing workshop and wasn’t really sure what to expect, or how it could possibly help me. Amanda and Christianne’s enthusiasm and knowledge, shone through.  I found the course content inspiring and since attending I have felt more connected to myself and my writing. It gave me confidence to acknowledge what was really important in my life. I have found I have been journal writing more frequently and my reading material has shifted to books on self-discovery and my soul connection to the natural world and my female ancestral tribe. Would highly recommend this for those who are curious, or seeking, a deeper understanding of their connection with themselves and the natural world.”

“A really positive and sacred experience. I felt truly connected to myself and empowered by the ceremony. One small step in the journey to self discovery.”

“I started to have a sudden realisation that I was very blessed. I had spent 40 minutes sitting by a tree in the middle of winter – I was cold and not particularly comfortable – but when I heard the final drums I didn’t want to leave. “

“It was a very safe and friendly environment. The process allowed it to be unique to me without it being forceful in any way. It felt amazing to be sat under a tree and thinking about each breath.”

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